• 401 Minnetonka Rd., Hi-Nella, NJ 08083-2914

The goal at Sage Capital Recovery (also DBA Sage Advisors NJ) is to ensure outstanding service and excellent
results. Our hands-on approach and technology afford us the flexibility to provide
key data analysis and reporting provisions. Our team takes pride in the work we do
for our clients and the customers we interact with.

Our IT team continuously monitors the everchanging technological landscape to
ensure that we are at the forefront of security standards and industry
performance. These efforts are to guarantee that Sage Capital Recovery is
constantly at optimum performance and consistently seeking peak effectiveness in
all areas of our service.


Our Team


Jay Bickford – Director of Strategy
Extension 534

Christopher Oliver – Chief Compliance Officer
Extension 502

Gregory N. Pappas – Director of Information Technology
Extension 501

  • A partner that realizes your time is valuable and provides seamless collection and back office support minimizing client intervention.

  • Our Recovery with Respect philosophy allows us to deliver top-tier results while maintaining an unwavering professional approach.

  • Sage is a unique accounts receivable management company with the flexibility to tailor services to meet each client s objectives and goals.